The Analytics Imperative

chart showing upward growth

The rumors of an impending US recession (and globally) are getting louder. According to a Wall Street Journal survey of economists, the average possibility of the US economy undergoing a recession sometime in the next 12 months has increased from 13% a year ago to 18% in January and 28% now. Surveys from Bloomberg also […]

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Supply Chain Management Using AI Insights


Today’s supply chains generate a wealth of data. In fact, the available data is often so great that many businesses struggle to extract all of the potential value from the data they have.  With so much data coming from so many sources, it would take analysts too much time to pull every insight possible from […]

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Sophisticated CPG Analytics


In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), making the switch to becoming a data-driven enterprise is critical to keeping pace with the competition and advancing your business.  Consumer Processed Goods (CPG) analytics empowers you to take immediate action based on the compilation and continuous analysis of data sets available to you. CPG analytics can even […]

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