Sophisticated CPG Analytics

Sophisticated CPG Analytics

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), making the switch to becoming a data-driven enterprise is critical to keeping pace with the competition and advancing your business. 

Consumer Processed Goods (CPG) analytics empowers you to take immediate action based on the compilation and continuous analysis of data sets available to you. CPG analytics can even give your business an edge over larger companies in the battle for shares in the CPG sector, creating more direct consumer connections.

This is why Crux Intelligence is a disruptor in the CPG industry, at the cutting edge of business intelligence reporting. Built mobile-first, Crux Intelligence voice-to-text enables you to navigate your data sets as easily as having a normal conversation. Organizations can make the switch to becoming a data-driven enterprise overnight without having to undergo extensive training or business restructuring. 

What is Sophisticated CPG Analytics? 

According to a joint study by BCG and Google, using AI and advanced analytics at scale can generate over 10% revenue growth for your business. It does this by:

  • using enhanced predictive demand forecasting
  • fine-tuning the ability to pinpoint more relevant assortments
  • personalizing consumer experiences and services
  • optimizing marketing
  • and forecasting Return On Investment (ROI)
  • among many other features

At its most basic, CPG analytics is the process of generating immediate, actionable information from the collection and analysis of data points generated from sales and marketing results. The three main sources of data brands from which the analysis is compiled are observational, activity, and sales.

Observational data can be observed and reported as to what already exists in a business operation, e.g., how much stock there is, promotional leverage, competitive activity, and other indicators. 

Activity data refers to specific actions taken to enhance sales by sales representatives, executive actions, algorithms, AI, other technological accouterments, and the various components deployed to grow the business. 

Sales data simply refers to how much product is sold in a given location over time. Sophisticated CPG analytics such as those integrated into the Crux Intelligence voice platform analyze data sets from these three sources simultaneously and continuously, using AI to generate new insight, planning, and forward action. 

The Crux of the Matter – How Does it Work?

The Crux Intelligence voice-enabled platform allows users to conveniently interact with their AI-compiled data by simply asking it questions. Based on the individual user’s question and history of interaction, the platform extracts the most relevant information from the dataset while anticipating the user’s next questions and future needs without even being asked. 

Access via the Crux Intelligence voice platform to all their available data at once, empowers users in any type of business to issue immediate, frictionless directions. It ensures rapid, actionable insight into their core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

Crux Intelligence proactively retrieves the most relevant information and displays it on the mobile screen surface when you speak to the platform. This makes it easy for anyone to retrieve obscure data quickly, allowing CEOs to make urgent decisions based on reliable data. The ROI on the Crux Intelligence platform is immediate. 

Alternative Text Crux Intelligence
Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.