Configuring Data With Crux Intelligence
Configuring Your Data to Work for You

Configuring Your Data to Work for You

You probably already know how data can empower organizations and help people make better decisions. That is a big part of what using a BI tool is all about.

With Crux Intelligence, we use AI in business analytics to deliver a solution that is more accessible and more useful to non-technical business users. The platform comes with a range of configuration options to allow administrators to make data connections, control access and create experiences that are more convenient and personal.

In this post, we will look at some of the ways our BI tool and integrated BI data analytics platform can be configured to benefit your organization.

Connects to a Wide Array of Data Sources

We know businesses may need to collect data from a wide array of sources. That is why our platform has the ability to connect with all your data no matter where it may reside. That means all your data is integrated in one platform and ready to be analyzed and accessed by relevant team members.

Manage Data Access and Connections

A big part of getting your data to work for you is being able to create different connections and control how it can be accessed. With Crux Intelligence, administrators have a range of configuration options that can help them manage data access and utilize AI in business analytics. Set permissions based on the data that is relevant to the individual users and create user groups to track KPI relevancy and provide recommendations to peers.

Create Custom Boards

Users often need convenient ways to view related data when they use a BI tool. With Crux Intelligence, this can be achieved by creating Boards. Admins can create useful boards for different users, and users can create the boards they need for the information that are relevant to them in the moment.

Stay Informed With Nudges

We know that most users do not always have the time to sit in front of a screen monitoring data. That is why we use AI in business analytics to create nudges. With nudges, the system is constantly monitoring your data and it sends alerts to make sure you are aware of important developments. Without you having to ask, it can send you alerts for significant trends, growth, and anomalies. It also personalizes the nudges based on the user’s interests and role at the company.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Crux Intelligence makes it easy for users to ask questions and get answers from the BI tool. Our system uses natural language processing so you can just type in questions in plain language and get direct answers. The BI tool can also understand intent so it knows why you are asking the question to help it find the most relevant information. It will also display other relevant data that is related to the answer to help you drill down and gain a better understanding of the information. Users can even ask questions in voice for a more convenient experience.

Our tools make it easy to connect to your data sources and set up the user permissions, teams and projects your organization needs. With our use of AI in business analytics, you can ask questions that are relevant to your work and get instant answers while also creating boards to organize information and get nudges for key changes to the data. When you put it all together, you have user-friendly business intelligence that can help any organization unlock the full power of its data. Contact our support team to learn more about Crux Intelligence or to request a demo.

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Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.