4 Ways Companies Can Use AI to Answer BI Questions

Business intelligence continues to be a vital strategy in a company’s approach to data analysis and configuration. While these tactics prove to be useful today, Big Data has changed just how much we can learn from the information companies collect. In fact, it’s a major reason why machine learning is on the rise at the […]

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Features of Great BI Solutions

Most business leaders understand the value of business intelligence (BI). BI solutions can help people make better decisions, provide customer insights, improve operations, and help you identify trends. With new solutions that combine business intelligence and AI, it multiplies the power of BI teams and makes the power of BI more accessible. With that said, […]

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Human-Computer Communication: How Businesses Are Using Natural Language Processing To Talk To Data

Forbes Technology Council

For artificial intelligence tools — and business intelligence platforms in particular — to be useful, business employees must be able to directly ask questions of the data. The key solutions to this problem are text and language processing-based, which enable computers to understand human questions and their semantic structures, meanings and how they can be applied to the data. […]

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