Case Study: Reckitt X Crux Intelligence

Case Study: Reckitt X Crux Intelligence

Crux Intelligence provides Reckitt with a route to market across 5 ASEAN countries using intelligent custom prioritization and recommendations.

The Problem

The Reckitt sales team needed a way to access their sales achievement KPIs daily which were manually prepared by analytics teams through multiple sources & disseminated to users. They also needed a way to view store & product level performance to plan visits for the month & drive higher revenue​.

The Solution

Crux Intelligence brought in data from sales interactions, external sources and clients’ custom prioritization logic to provide daily intelligence to the sales team which included the head of channel, national sales manager, area sales manager, the person in charge and sales reps​.

Apart from KPI reporting, Crux also recommended products to sell & outlets to visit in the current month based on custom logic to drive growth​.

The Impact

“Crux is a great product that is revolutionizing our business by providing game changing functionality”

Regional Program Manager, IT & BI​
Alternative Text Crux Intelligence
Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.