Case Study : Multinational Company X Crux Intelligence

Case Study : Multinational Company X Crux Intelligence

Crux Intelligence provides a multinational confectionery, food, holding and beverage and snack food company with easy access to data and saves hours of management time.

The Problem

To flatten the sales performance curve and reduce the irregularities during the month. The client also introduced new sales KPIs and wanted to improve analytics adoption among frontline sales users.

The Solution

Crux Intelligence’s Nudges provided daily tracking of sales lags and early warnings of reps not likely to meet quota. Also simplified were the additional sales KPIs via Boards for on-the-go tracking on mobile.

The Impact

“Crux Intelligence is a very field friendly tool that enables actionable data access to our field executives and managers. We have been told by our sales colleagues that this crushes complexities by liberating an hour of their daily time which otherwise went in accessing data.”

Sales Director – Multinational International, India

Alternative Text Crux Intelligence
Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.