Can you get answers to your pressing business questions in real time?
Can you get answers to your pressing business questions in real time?

We could give you answers in minutes. Just like we do for

Crux Intelligence sits at the nexus of business automation & “future of work” as an AI Powered decision engine that provides answers to pressing business decisions anytime / anywhere.

We know your problems

Companies spend 37% percent of their time making ineffective decisions.

*Respondents of a McKinsey survey

Save $250M in wasted labour costs →

Lack of data literacy means 60-73% of all enterprise data is never analyzed or deployed.

*Respondents of a Accenture survey

Save the US economy $100B →

Employees lose more than 5 working days each year when accounting for data-induced procrastination / confusion.

*Respondents of a Accenture survey

Save your employees 43 working hours →

Companies that lack Intelligent automation increase costs to enterprise by 40-75%.

*Respondents of a McKinsey survey

Save 75% in cost to enterprise →

We use future technology today


You can use Natural Language Processing, Voice and Search

Crux Intelligence has made asking complex business questions in natural language via Voice easy using a patented NLP based Q&A system.



Crux Intelligence uses its pervasive AI to make data and insights available at anytime via Mobile. This leads to a Self-serve, ad-hoc and an easily customized analysis without the need for an analyst/technical expert.


Intuitive UI means No Training

Crux Intelligence creates a curated and intuitive way to consume complex insights for business users. Users can be onboarded within a couple of days and be less reliant on traditional BI/Analysts.


Always on
Automated Insights

Crux Intelligence provides diagnostic, predictive & prescriptive insights to empower proactive decision making in Real-Time. Using proactive alerts for managing any business by exception.

We make a
big impact

“Crux Intelligence is magical in how it crushes complexities in data for business users”

Vikash Raj
Head of Analytics and Process Engineering

“I can’t live without Crux—it allows us for the first time to truly take a proactive approach to supply chain management and business strategies.”

Milton Chiz
Chief Information Officer

“They have disrupted the dashboard as we know it, delivering a forward-looking insights engine that helps us to identify in advance when our revenue may be at risk”

Ganesh Sivakumar
Head of Data and Analytics

“This is the first-time 3P data has been integrated directly into the Crux platform with 1P data— ... enhancing [mutual customers] analytics and predictive capabilities.”

Gillian Bielecki
NA Market Leader, NielsenIQ Partner Network

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